Airplane or Helicopter

Aerial Outfitters operates both a helicopter and an airplane. But which is right for you? Here are a few things to consider:

1. Location: Your site location may determine which aircraft is the best option. Sites located within 10 miles of the DFW and/or DAL airports will likely require a helicopter. However, sites located beyond about 30nm of our airport are usually best accessed via airplane due to cost.

2. Number of Sites: If you have more than 4-5 sites that are located within a few miles of each other it may be better to use a helicopter. It is often easier to find closely separated sites and maneuver to them in a helicopter than in an airplane. This ultimately saves flight costs.

3. Time on Site: If you need us to remain over your site for an extended period of time, an airplane may be a better option. i.e. Covering an event such as a football game or marching band contest.

4. View: Perhaps the most noticable image difference between airplane and helicopter is the viewing angle & coverage. Airplanes are limited to a minimum altitude of 1000 ft above ground whereas helicopters can operate at about 500 ft and much closer to the target. What does this mean?

a. For airplanes: Great for showing an overview of the site & perfect for large areas. Generally shows the tops of buildings.

b. For helicopter: Great for small sites, precise camera location, and showing the sides of buildings. Realtors often prefer the view from a helicopter.