Dallas at Twilight
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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Early this spring we were contracted to create aerial images for a unique project. Our client needed a current image of downtown Dallas, taken at low altitude, at twilight, from a specific location, so that they could overlay a model of a proposed building project onto the image. A lot of requirements! Thankfully, we've done just such work in the past and they called the right folks.

The night that we chose was just right, with a light south wind, clear skies, great visibility, and little air traffic around us. Love Field cleared us on-site and we began working. The challenge was to position the helicopter over just the right spot, at the right altitude, and at the right time of day so as to match a computer generated composite image provided to us by the client. Their goal was to show the new building in relation to the surrounding areas & features like the American Airlines Center.

The only way to shoot the job was from a helicopter, provided by EPIC Helicopters in Fort Worth, and a Kenyon Labs gyro stabilizer attached to our workhorse Nikon D800. The gyro would stabilize the image, knocking out much of the vibration from the helicopter. At one point, it was suggested that we use an unmanned drone, however, it is currently illegal in the US to oeprate a drone for hire, so that option was out. Not to mention, it's much more fun to fly!

The above image is the result of a lot of planning and practice & was just what the client needed!

If you have any questions or need twilight / nighttime aerial photography, give us a shout at 817-458-8565.

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