Night Panoramic in Dallas
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Thursday, May 08, 2014
By Dave

A nighttime panoramic image showing the view from an open air patio...but the building is amongst other high end condos, it's only 90 feet up, and, by the way, it is still under construction......make it happen!

Our first thought was a helicopter, but then we realized that the new building sits in the middle of several high end luxury condos, so not only was it not safe for us to fly, but we'd be rather annoying to the neighbors.

So what to do? Take the crane! And we did. 90ft up in the construciton crane, we were dropped off on the 9th floor open air patio to setup and wait for sunset.

The goal was to create two images, one at twilight and the other in the dark, of the view looking towards downtown Dallas. The final image would be printed on a 12ft long 7ft tall board to be displayed in the lobby of the new condo.

Careful planning and camera setup were necessary to make sure that we were able to capture enough images, minimize lens distortion, and ensure correct exposure across a wide field of view. Following the onsite portion of the job, post processing was done to stitch the images together, remove some construction scaffolding, and clean the images for print.

The final results are beautiful! I hope that they help attract great clients to the new Dallas condo!

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