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Night Panoramic in Dallas
Thursday, May 08, 2014
Night Panoramic in Dallas

A nighttime panoramic image showing the view from an open air patio...but the building is amongst other high end condos, it's only 90 feet up, and, by the way, it is still under construction......make it happen!Our first thought was a helicopter, but then we realized that the new building sits in the middle of several high end luxury condos, so not only was it not safe for us to fly, but we'd be rather annoying to the neighbors.So what to do? Take the crane! And we did. 90ft up in the construciton crane, we were dropped off on the 9th floor open air patio to setup and wait for sunset.The goal was to create two images, one at twilight and the other in the dark, of the view looking towards ...

Dallas at Twilight
Wednesday, May 07, 2014
Night Panoramic in Dallas

Early this spring we were contracted to create aerial images for a unique project. Our client needed a current image of downtown Dallas, taken at low altitude, at twilight, from a specific location, so that they could overlay a model of a proposed building project onto the image. A lot of requirements! Thankfully, we've done just such work in the past and they called the right folks.The night that we chose was just right, with a light south wind, clear skies, great visibility, and little air traffic around us. Love Field cleared us on-site and we began working. The challenge was to position the helicopter over just the right spot, at the right altitude, and at the right time of day so as to ...

Night Flight
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Night Panoramic in Dallas

In min-August a genleman from Honda Cars of McKinney called with an urgent request...they were updating their website and needed an aerial photo taken of the night. The problem was that they had already hired (spent money on) another photographer and were not pleased with the results. Upon reviewing the image, it was clear that there was too much vibration/camera movement in the image, caused by too slow of shutter speed without stabilization. In all fairness, the other photographer did a decent job, but he was pushing his equipment and skill to their limits, and it showed just enough to not be as clean of an image as was required.That said, Honda Cars of McKinney was a bit ...

Working Together
Thursday, August 01, 2013
Night Panoramic in Dallas

Often in business we work hard to grow our brand and stay ahead of the competition. Often we go at it alone. Often that doesn't go so well!One one hand, yes, we do have to define & develope our brand along with staying in the loop with what our competitors are doing. But on the other hand, we often overlook the value in growing positive working relationships with our competitors. Somewhat like having a good neighbor who can help when needed and vice versa, growing a good relationship with a competitor can be a very beneficial and good thing!Above: Construction of the new terminal at Dallas Love Field (KDAL).That's the case with Aerial Outfitters and Ft. Worth based helicopter operator, ...

Sunnyvale - Real Estate
Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Night Panoramic in Dallas

June started off with a local photo flight for Realtor Angela Downes of Virginia Cook Realtors. Virginia Cook folks have always been top notch people to work with and I can highly recommend their services.For this flight, we were commissioned to fly east to Sunnyvale, Texas (just east of Dallas and west of Mesquite) to photograph a beautiful 16 acre property nestled amongst sprawling green fields & timber. The property features a lake, several barnes, and a magnificent home.On fly day we were greeted by blue skies and visibility that was unbelivably clear, though it was a bit warm and bump at altitude.We navigated to the site using a combination of our maps & our new Foreflight ...