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Wednesday, May 07, 2014
By Dave

This April we were asked to photograph a fun project...a group of employees in the shape of Texas!

We met with the company a couple of times to discuss options about how to pull this off. It turns out, that the aerial portion which would be shot from a Robinson R44 helicopter, was the easy part. The hard part was clearing a parking lot then getting 100+ employees, between shifts, into the shape of Texas at 3pm sharp. 

The folks at Parker-Tex/Loc did a fantastic job of coordinating, communicating, and rehearsing to make the shoot go perfectly. What you don't see, is the chalk line they used to outline the state of Texas to make it easier to get into formation. We also had a radio on the ground so we could talk with them from the helicopter and make minor changes.

On the day of the shoot, the wind was brisk out of the north, but it wasn't a problem for our pilot from EPIC Helicopters, who maneuvered the helicopter with sharp precision. At just the right distance and altitude, we got the right view! The image is now hanging in the company main lobby as a 24"x36" standout metallic print and looks fantastic.

Just another example of how companies can use aerial photography to promote their brand and create an exciting event for their employees.

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