Construction Progress

Construction progress aerials are a series of images that track the building process from clearing the land, to laying the foundation, to the completion of the project. 

Dependability: Our clients routinely depend on our services for fast, professional, and reliable aerial imagery to help them keep their projects on target.

Flexibility: We customize our flight plan to meet your needs and can provide aerial coverage bi-weekly, monthly, before and after, or on your specific schedule.

The Aerial Advantage: There's no better way to oversee your project than with up-to-date aerial photography. Aerial photos provide third party documentation that can be forwarded to owners, investors, lenders, architects, engineers, and city officials for use in:

  • Marketing: Demonstrate your capabilities to your investors & clients. Great for reports & presentations.
  • Planning: From site selection to design development, aerial overviews save time and money.
  • Protection: Resolve disputes & identify safety, environmental, and quality issues before they become a larger and more costly problem.
  • Appreciation: Perfect for client gifts & showrooms.

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