Latest updates on Drones, UAV's, and UAS's - September 2014

Drones (radio controlled unmanned aircraft) have become widely popular in the United States, both for hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

The bottom-line:

1. Aerial Outfitters does not operate drones, UAV's, or UAS's.

2. It is illegal to operate a drone in the United States for payment or commercial purposes, unless:

Per the Federal Aviation Administration,  a. The drone is certified by the FAA, b. The drone is operated by an appropriately rated pilot, and c. the FAA has granted special approval for the use of the drone by the operator. Currently, only two companies in the US can legally conduct commercial drone operations, and they're in Alaska.

3. What does this mean for aerial photography customers? If you're considering hiring a drone operator, you're likely considering a company that is operating in violation of federal regulations.

 For more information, see the FAA website at: 

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