1. Are you insured?

  • Yes, we are fully insured with a commercial liability insurance policy with aerial coverage. 

2. How much does this cost?

  • Every photo assignment is unique and may involve a single site, multiple sites around town or around Texas, require flying at dusk or night, or perhaps it's a monthly construction progress flight. Check out our Pricing page or Contact Us and we'll provide a custom quote for you.


3. What's your turn-around time?

  • While we never want to compromise image quality, we also understand that you have deadlines. We typically only fly when the weather is favorable for aerial photography, though if you need images asap we will fly as soon as it is safe to fly. Since we're 100% digital, images can often be delivered the same day as your flight.

4. What type of aircraft do you fly?

  • We fly a Cessna 172, Cessna T210, Robinson R-22 & R44 helicopter. The 172 is our workhorse and performs about 80% of our work thanks to its speed and low operating cost. The R-22/44 is an invaluable tool for low-altitude highly precise photography. Our T210 is reserved for distant work and vertical work.


5. Should I use a helicopter or an airplane?

  • Click Here for details.


6. What about those radio controlled airplanes & helicopters (Drones)?

  • Click Here for info.


7. Do I get a CD or Prints? 

  • All images can be provided via CD, digital download, and/or prints. We offer a full array of prints, mounted prints, gallery wraps, posters, and vinyl banners.

8. Do you edit images and label landmarks, roads, etc? 

  • Yes. Unless you direct us otherwise, ALL images undergo full digital processing to correct for color, haze, and detail. Upon request we can add text, logos, and other graphics to your images.


9. Do I own the images/Copyrights?

  • Aerial Outfitters retains ownership and Copyright of all images it produces. However, when you hire us, the images include full reproduction rights that allow you to use the images as part of marketing materials, websites, etc. The only limitation is that you cannot resell the images or give them away for a 3rd party to use, unless otherwise stated in your license.

10. What kind of camera equipement do you use?

  • We're 100% digital and use a 36MP Nikon D800 camera and professional Nikkor lenses. We also employ several image stabilization and vibration reduction devices. This means that you're getting the absolute best camera and optical equipment around. Since we're digital, your images can be ready to view the same day, meaning you don't have to wait for the results.


11. Can you also help with interior and exterior ground photography?

  • Yes! We closely with several home rennovation, construction, and real estate companies to provide ground photos. Click Here for examples.


12. Do you provide night aerial photography?

  • Yes! In fact, we're one of only two aerial photography companies in Texas that succesfully operates at night. We often cover sports events like high school football games. Click Here for examples.


13. Aren't all aerial photography services the same?

  • No. First, find out if they're actually a professional aerial photography company.
  • Many 'aerial photographers' are just hobbyists who like flying and hope that you'll pay for their ride.
  • Others operate radio controlled aircraft for hire, which is illegal in the United States.
  • Some compaines really do other things like flight training and pipeline patrol, but they make extra money by giving the student a camera and charging you money.
  • Other companies specialize in construction progress aerials which are often low dollar and low quality. Beware: They'll usually charge you a high premium for work not on their regular flight schedule. 
  • Bottom line: Know what you're buying before hiring.


14. Can I just use a satellite image from Google? 

  • Copyright: If you plan on using the images commercially (company website, marketing, etc) you MUST purchase a commercial license from Google, etc. Click Here for details from Google.
  • Resolution: Satellite imagery has significantly lower resolution than our aerial photography.
  • Currency: Our images are taken upon your request. Online images may be several years old.
  • Specific Requirements: If you need images taken from a specific view, time of day, or special event, you cannot use online imagery.


15. Do you cover weddings and other events?

  • Yes! We use both an air and ground crew to coordinate our flight operations with the timing of your event.

16. So what do I do next?

  • It's easy, just Contact Us or give us a call, 817-458-8565, to discuss your needs and we'll get started!