Texas Energy

The Barnett Shale and Eagle Ford Shale gas & oil fields have brought tremendous growth to the State of Texas. Aerial Outfitters is your trusted source for professional aerial photography of your energy operations.

On Demand: Aerial Outfitters is equipped to fly on demand throughout Texas to provide you with custom aerial photography in your fast pace environment. 

Reliability: Drilling and fracking operations are on a very tight schedule. With over 30 years of aerial experience you can count on us to be there to do the job right.

Versatility: Aerial photos of your well site are an invaluable asset to energy companies and land owners alike. A few applications are:

  • Marketing: Demonstrate your capabilities to potential clients.
  • Appreciation: Makes the perfect gift for investors, clients, land owners, crews, etc.
  • Documentation: Keep track of your drilling and fracking activity.
  • Protection: Resolve disputes & identify safety, environmental, and quality issues before they become a larger and more costly problem.
  • History: For land owners, a custom aerial of your well is the perfect way to remember the historical event for generations to come.

Covered: Aerial Outfitters covers the entire Barnett Shale, Eagle Ford Shale, and Bossier Sands gas fields in Texas and the Ardmore Basin in Oklahoma.

Compressor Acoustical Barrier

Drilling Rig in North Texas

Vertical Image of Drilling Rigs

Rig & Sound Barrier in Commercial Area